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Nikka Costa - My First Love + Chord

Intro: C Fm/C C Fm/C

C Dm
Everyone can see
There’s a change in me
Am C/G F
They all say I’m not the same
D7 Gsus G
kid I use to be
C Em Am Dm
Don’t go out and play
G Em
I just dream all day
Am C/G F
They don’t know what’s wrong with me
D7 Gsus G
And I’m too shy to say

It’s my first love
Bm7-5 E7
What I’m dreaming on
When I go to bed
Gm C F
When I lay my head above my pillow
Em Dm G7
Don’t know what to do
My first love

Bm7-5 E7
He things that I’m too young
He doesn’t even know
Gm C F
Wish that I could tell him what I’m feeling
Em Dm G7 C
’cause I’m feeling my first love

int : Fm C

Miror on the wall
Does he care at all
Does he ever notice me
Does he ever found
Tell me teddy bear
My love is so unfair
Will I ever found a way
An answer to my pray
For my first love